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Language and Education Services in Berlin

Learn to read & write!

I teach the following classes in Steglitz for expat and bilingual families, who would like their children to start learning to read and write.

3-5 Years - Tuesdays 16:00-16:55pm

This class exposes younger children to letters and sounds in a playful way.  The recognition and writing of their name as well as forming letters of the alphabet is encouraged and, indeed, taught, as well as learning to hold a pencil correctly, trace lines and practise mark-making. If your child displays an ability to start the reading and writing process, then the later class is better for them. Reading and writing is only taught IF your child is ready. 

4-7 Years – Tuesdays 17:00 – 17:55pm

This class teaches children to read and write by introducing phonics systematically and synthetically.  Children will start by learning to associate a sound with its written form, learn short CVC words and build up to writing short and concise sentences.  Sentence structure, such as the use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops, will also be taught.  Each week your child may take a short phonics book home with him/her to practise (a €10 deposit will be required to access this facility).

NB: A task will be sent home each work to consolidate learning.  Parents will be given guidance on what to do and how to do it, either verbally at the end of a class or written on the task sheet.

Please see below for our current programme:

Tuesdays (starting Oct 7th)

Where? Jeverneun, Jeverstraße 9, 12157 Berlin, Germany

English Literacy Classes & English as a Foreign Language for 3-5 year olds 16:00-16:55pm***

English Literacy Classes for 4-7 year olds 17:00-17:55pm***


All classes are €10 per session. 

Siblings are €8. 

Block booking of 10 sessions €85

Block booking siblings €65

NB: Siblings do NOT have to be in the same class to receive sibling discount

Cost of private lessons depends on location and number of hours required.

***Children attend lessons on a weekly basis according to their age AND ability. 

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