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Language and Education Services in Berlin

Meet Carly

Cool School is run by myself, Carly Riding. I am a primary and secondary school teacher, specialising in languages. With 13 years teaching experience working in the UK, Germany and Spain, I have never tired of the challenges and rewards a teaching career brings. I speak English (native tongue), Spanish and German. My passion for languages has led me to the UK, Spain and Germany to teach in various settings as well as set up my own international tutoring school in Andalucia, Spain. The school still goes strong today.

Outside of my professional life, I am Mum to two adorable children aged 5 and almost 3. We have embarked on an amazing journey moving our little family to Berlin so we know of the ups and downs that such a move can bring. My husband and I really want our children to be bilingual from a young age so it was a now or never decision. The children attend a German Kindergarten and speak English at home, but they need to develop their native tongue to be able to manipulate their own language, to read and write it, to deepen their understanding of how language works and make living in Germany and speaking German an easier process for them. That's just one of the reasons why I have decided to set up Cool School.

I am very excited to be starting this next chapter and offering Berlin a full and inspiring programme of education for all ages, nationalities and abilities.

"Learn by doing!" That is my motto.  Learning languages is often viewed as boring and difficult.  My role as your teacher is to fill your lessons with hands-on activities, such as cooking, using children's literature, songs and nursery rhymes, music, maths and science investigations, craft, movement, role-play, interactive story-telling and anything else that gives you access to easier language learning fun (oh, and sorry, the harder bits, too!).  If you would like to learn languages from a creative teacher who uses alternative, non-traditonal methods, then join a class now! 

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